“Even in 2006 I knew that the Russian state must be involved”

Professor Emeritus of theoretical physics at the University of Sussex Norman Dombey was a scientific expert at the Litvinenko hearing (www.litvinenkoinquiry.org), which took place in London in 2015. The objective scientific expertise was a key factor for the success of the investigation. We publish the interview with Mr Dombey made by Nataliya Demina in London in English on-line and in Russian (*.pdf, *.html).

Polonium and Kovtun

The public inquiry into the death of Alexander Litvinenko, supposed to be poisoned by polonium-210, recommenced on July 24th in London. Recently the businessman Dmitry Kovtun, suspected by the British authorities to be involved with this murder (as well as Andrey Lugovoy, deputy the Duma of Russian Federation), declared his desire to participate in the hearing via a videoconference from Moscow.