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U.S.—Russia Scientific ForumThe U.S.—Russia Scientifc Forum announces a Visiting Fellows Program for 2013-2014. This Program is being supported in part through the U.S.—Russia Collaboration in the Bio-medical Sciences, a public-private partnership of the Foundation for the NIH (FNIH).

  • The Program involves training of 5-8 Russian postdoctoral scientists in the NIH Intra­mural Research Program (IRP).
  • Positions are open in biomedical and behavioral research conducted in the NIH Intra­mural Research Laboratories. Fellows with interest in pediatric/human development and rare diseases research are highly encouraged. For information on the research areas and laboratories please consult the link for the NIH IRP: http://irp.nih.gov

• Special focus is on fellows interested in conducting research in the areas of healthy lifestyles, including basic bio-medical research on physical activity, exercise and nutrition.

For the full description of the program, application materials and deadlines please visit: www.fnih.org/content/us-russia-collaboration-biomedical-sciences-nih-visiting-fellows-program.

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